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Helsinki University Museum


Contact information:


P.O. Box 11 (Snellmaninkatu 3)
00014 University of Helsinki
phone +358 9 191 24071,
+358 9 19122914,

Museum hours:
Tuesdays- Fridays 11a.m.- 5 p.m.
Saturdays-Sundays 11a.m.- 4 p.m.
Mondays closed

Free entrance (Arppeanum)



Photos Ari Aalto, Atte Rusanen.

The historical section of the Museum displays objects and materials related to the teaching, research and administration of the University of Helsinki through the Swedish and Russian eras of Finnish history until national independence. Among such objects are the full-length portraits of 19 th century Russian emperors, which belong to the University´s portrait collection of 950 works. Many of the Museum´s collections have been created to support research and teaching at the University. Academic festivities and student life have their own sections.

The collections on the history of medicine are devoted to the history of medical science, medical care and folk medicine. The furniture and the objects in the patient and treatment rooms and the other interiors date from the turn and first half of the 20th century.

From the collections of Craft Science is on display for example a case for writing implements, which was presented at the Paris World´s fair in 1900. The case with embroidery on silk was designed by Helena Westermarck, a teacher at the Helsinki School of Handicraft.

The gems of the collections of the history of dentistry are a dentist´s chair from the 1880´s, an instrument cabinet made of mahogany in St. Petersburg in the late 19 th century and research material by Professor Matti Äyräpää, the founder of Finnish dentistry. Achievements in dental radiology are illustrated by the original equipment used by Professor Yrjö V. Paatero in developing the internationally renowned method of orthopantography.

The Mineral Cabinet is part of the Geological Museum belonging to the Finnish Museum of Natural History. The Mineral Cabinet boasts a systematic collections of rocks, meteorites and fossils.

Apart from the permanent exhibition, the museum also holds temporary special exhibitions.

M.A. Castrén's 200th anniversary exhibition
3.12.2013 -1.6.2014


Photo Timo Huvilinna